Sunday, November 18, 2012

Autism Doesn't Define Him!

Autism Doesn't Define Him! He sees things a little differently. He has Autism, but that doesn’t define him. Some people think he’s kind of strange. While other “mean ones” call him names. They point, they laugh, they often stare. They act as though he’s not right there. He repeats words; he “stems;” and/or “perseverates.” He walks on his toes; He doesn’t like to wait. If you change his daily routine, he’ll likely act out. Sometimes he exhibits an unexplained shout. But if you look in his eyes, you’ll see that he’s real. No hidden agenda, nothing to conceal. Doesn’t know what it means to be shy. If you walk by him, he likes to say, “Hi” (over and over). He may get too close; he may give you a hug. Some people get mad, while others just shrug. He has a great big heart. Get to know him, you’ll see. His diagnosis is Autism, but Autism define him! * An excerpt from "Chris Will... The Story of A Boy and Autism Unawareness"